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Premium Agro Products

BARDHAMAN AGRO PRODUCTS (I) PRIVATE LIMITTED has spent a long time, preferring the kaima / Gobindo Bhog grain. Our relationship with kaima / Gobindo Bhog farmers goes back in time-across generation actually. A farmer's awareness of traditional knowledge and skills, experience in modern day crop management practices, commitment to excellence and access to top grade inputs determine the quality of our harvest.

"BARDHAMAN AGRO PRODUCTS (I) PRIVATE LIMITTED today stands at the eminent slot of the rice industry, unmatched and unparalleled in every aspect"

We equally committed to enhancing our capacities and introducing the latest milling techniques to the kaima / Gobindo Bhog industry. The result has been equally rewarding – having the largest installed capacity in the industry with quality certifications to ensure satisfaction to both the buyers and the eventual consumers.

Today, our flagship ROSE and TRIPPLE DEER is recognized both in domestic and GCC with strong presence and impressive market share. It has earned respect and patronage amongst consumers and relatives over the years and today it's a matter of pride to be preferred brand amongst Domestic and House Holds.